Matthew Simon Cavalletto


DBIx::SQLEngine::Docs::ToDo - Tasks, ideas, and bugs


There are a number of things that could be done to improve this module.


Consider bumping the version number; the leading zero may deter some potential users by suggesting a less complete package.


The test scripts are incomplete and really ought to exercise much more of the public interface. Specific things to add to the test include:

- Test for inserting, updating and selecting nulls, including "is null" test.

- Test new transaction code.

Figure out how to best write tests for features not supported on all platforms, such as the null-value/empty-string distinction or transactions.


How do we compensate for different versions of a database system? For example, newer versions of MySQL support a number of features that the old ones don't. Perhaps we should attempt to detect this, and rebless into an appropriate subclass.

The handling of primary keys in Schema::Table and Schema::Column is not yet correct.

The column-information retrieve in DBIx::SQLEngine::Default should be using DBI's type_info methods.

Consider centralizing logging interface by making 'DBI', 'SQL' arguments to general function, or using log4perl.

Consider becoming a subclass of DBI via RootClass and DbTypeSubclass, rather than using composition via DBIx::AnyDBD. This is somewhat attractive: it might run faster by eliminating a layer of delegation, and it would facilitate separation of the DBH and STH methods. The downside is loosing the flexibility of composition: if someone had their own DBI subclass, we could dynamically wrap around it if using composition, but it might be harder to dynamically inherit from it. There's also a certain degree of inertia in favor of not changing it.

Determine the right way to handle the multiplexing drivers, DBD::Multiplex and DBIx::HA, given that they may reconnect to a different server in mid-stream.

Determine the right way to code the driver traits currently stored in Mixin::*.

Database Subclasses

Collect more subclasses: Sybase, Informix, ODBC, others.

Review DBIx::Compat; it seems like this information should map fairly directly to candidate methods and subclasses.

Additional Criteria

The Criteria subclasses are incomplete. Candidates include: SubString, CaseInsensitiveSubString, NumericEquality, NumericInequality, StringInequality.

Consider enabling pure-Perl interpretation of criteria:

  package DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::Equality;
  sub inverse { 'DBO::Criteria::Inequality' }
  # $flag = $crit->matches( $record );
  sub matches {
    my ($crit, $record) = @_;
    return ($crit->value( $record ) eq $crit->{'value'}) ? 1 : 0;