DBIx::SQLEngine::Docs::ToDo - Tasks, ideas, and bugs


There are a number of things that could be done to improve this module.


The test scripts are incomplete and ought to exercise much more of the public interface. Specific things to add to the test include:

Test for inserting, updating and selecting nulls, including "is null" test.

Tests for new transaction code.

Tests for null-value/empty-string distinction.

Find people to test drivers for Informix, Sybase, MS SQL.

Object Mapping

The handling of primary keys in Schema::Table and Schema::Column is not yet correct. The Record classes could also use a review to ensure primary keys are handled correctly throughout.

Driver Interface

There sure are a lot of fetch methods... But it's not clear how to usefully simplify and combine them:

                        x_method()              x_rows()
     fetch_select       hashes                  arrays
     visit_select       hashes => \&sub         arrays => \&sub
     fetchsub_select    hash_sub                array_sub
     fetch_one          one_hash                one_array
     fetch_one_value    one_value               one_list

Driver-Specific Features

Review DBIx::Compat; it seems like this information should map fairly directly to candidate methods and subclasses.

Consider interface for handling BLOBs on drivers where they need to be retrieved separately.

Consider interface for handling multiple simultaneous statement handles on drivers where this needs special treatement, such as Sybase.

Determine which features, if any, should be handled by an ODBC driver subclass.

Driver Internals

Determine the right way to handle the multiplexing drivers, DBD::Multiplex, DBIx::DBCluster, and DBIx::HA, given that they may reconnect to a different server in mid-stream. In practice, all of the servers in a pool are typically of the same type so this may not be a major issue.

The column-information retrieve in DBIx::SQLEngine::Default should be using DBI's type_info methods.

Consider centralizing logging interface by making 'DBI', 'SQL' arguments to general function, or using a callback that could be hooked to log4perl.

Additional Criteria

The Criteria subclasses are incomplete. Candidates include: Inequality, SubString, CaseInsensitiveSubString.

Consider enabling pure-Perl interpretation of criteria to allow post-fetch processing by RecordSet objects:

  package DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::Equality;
  sub inverse { 'DBO::Criteria::Inequality' }
  # $flag = $crit->matches( $record );
  sub matches {
    my ($crit, $record) = @_;
    return ($crit->value( $record ) eq $crit->{'value'}) ? 1 : 0;