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Matthew Simon Cavalletto


Term::ShellKit::Changes - Revision History for Term::ShellKit


2002-01-21 Simon: Finished cleaning up from rewrite.

2001-12-02 Simon: Rewrite with function-oriented modularity.

2001-06-30 Simon: Experimental rewrite for OO-style modularity.

2001-06-27 Simon: Remove trailing semicolon from "require x;" package names.

2001-02-07 Simon: Display undef results from eval as "(undef)".

2001-01-31 Simon: Added examples section to documentation.

2001-01-31 Simon: Copied in subs from String::Escape to reduce dependencies.

2001-01-24 Simon: Removed strict vars from expr evals. Added documentation.

2000-12-04 Simon: Separation of abstract Shell superclass.

2000-11-29 Simon: Created


See Term::ShellKit::ReadMe for distribution and version information.

See Term::ShellKit.