Crypt::Perl::X509::Extensions - extensions list for X.509 certificates


    #Each object passed should be an instance of a subclass of
    my $exreq = Crypt::Perl::X509::Extensions->new( @EXTN_OBJS );


    my $exreq = Crypt::Perl::X509::Extensions->new(
        [ $extn_type1 => @args1 ],
        [ $extn_type2 => @args2 ],

    #...for example:

    my $exreq = Crypt::Perl::X509::Extensions->new(
        [ 'subjectAltName',
            [ dNSName => '' ],
            [ dNSName => 'haha.tld' ],


Instances of this class represent the list of extensions in an X.509 (SSL) certificate.

You probably don’t need to instantiate this class directly; instead, you can instantiate it implicitly by listing out arguments to Crypt::Perl::X509v3’s constructor. See that module’s SYNOPSIS for an example.

Look in the Crypt::Perl distribution’s Crypt::Perl::X509::Extension namespace for supported extensions.