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HTML::FormatTableRowNroff - Format HTML Table row for nroff


 require HTML::FormatTableRowNroff;
 $row = new HTML::FormatTableRowNroff(%attr);


The HTML::FormatTableRowNroff class is used to store information about a single row of a table. Once information about all the rows of the table has been recorded, an nroff tbl table may be created.

The following attributes are supported: align: 'left','center', or 'right' alignment of table row entries valign: vertical alignment, 'top' or 'middle'


$nroff_row->output_format($last_row, $formatter, @widths);

Create a tbl format line for the row. $last_row is true if this is the last row in the table.

$formatter is the formatter being used (e.g. HTML::FormatNroff).

@widths is an array of width information for each cell in the current row, specified in inches.


Add a new cell to the current row. %attr are the cell attributes, as defined in HTML::FormatTableCellNroff.


Finish the current cell.


HTML::FormatTable, HTML::FormatTableNroff HTML::FormatTableRow HTML::FormatTableCell HTML::FormatTableCellNroff


Copyright (c) 1997 Frederick Hirsch. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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