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Forward::Guides::Routes::NestedResources - Routes for Nested Resources for Plack web framework developers (Perl)


Forward::Routes supports nested resource routing. Take a look at Forward::Guides::Routes::Resources for more in depth documentation on resource routing.

    # Routes root object
    $r = Forward::Routes->new;

    # Create a nested resource
    $ads = $r->add_resources('magazines')->add_resources('ads');

    # IN ADDITION TO ! to the magazine resource routes, the following routes
    # are generated:

    HTTP     Path                                 Controller Action        Route name
    request                                       parameter  parameter

    GET      magazines/:magazine_id/ads/new        Ads       create_form   magazines_ads_create_form
    GET      magazines/:magazine_id/ads/:id        Ads       show          magazines_ads_show
    GET      magazines/:magazine_id/ads/:id/edit   Ads       update_form   magazines_ads_update_form
    GET      magazines/:magazine_id/ads/:id/delete Ads       delete_form   magazines_ads_delete_form
    GET      magazines/:magazine_id/ads            Ads       index         magazines_ads_index
    POST     magazines/:magazine_id/ads            Ads       create        magazines_ads_create
    PUT      magazines/:magazine_id/ads/:id        Ads       update        magazines_ads_update
    DELETE   magazines/:magazine_id/ads/:id        Ads       delete        magazines_ads_delete

The placeholder name for the parent resource id is singularized. That way, it can easily be used to search the "ads" database table with "id" and "magazine_id" columns (typical column naming in case of has_many relationships).

    # resource (plural):      magazines
    # placeholder (singular): :magazine_id

The singularize method is very basic, but it can be overwritten:

    $routes = Forward::Routes->new;

    # pass a code ref via singularize method
    $routes->singularize( sub {
        require Lingua::EN::Inflect::Number;
        return &Lingua::EN::Inflect::Number::to_S($value);