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sqltextify.pl - Shell interface to SQL::Textify, run a SQL query and get the result in text format (markdown, html, csv)


    sqltextify.pl --sql=query.sql --conn="dbi:SQLite:dbname=test.sqlite3" --username=admin --password=pass


I like text editors, I have fallen in love with Sublime Text, and everything I write is in Markdown syntax!

This simple Perl sript executes SQL queries and produces Markdown output. It can be easily integrated with Sublime Text editor, but it can also be used at the command line.


This is released under the Artistic License. See perlartistic.


Federico Thiella - GitHub projects https://github.com/fthiella/ or email mailto:fthiella@gmail.com


sqltextify.pl supports a number of command line options which control the behaviour of the output document.

The options are:

source, s

source SQL file

conn, c

DBI connection string

username, u

Specify the database username.

password, p

Specify the database password.

maxwidth, mw

Set a maximum width for the columns when in markdown format mode. If any column contains a string longer than maxwidth it will be cropped.

format, f

Output format (markdown default, html)

layout, l

Output layout (table default, record)