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sqltextify.pl - Shell interface to SQL::Textify, run a SQL query and get the result in text format (markdown, html, csv)


    sqltextify.pl --sql=query.sql --conn="dbi:SQLite:dbname=test.sqlite3" --username=admin --password=pass


sqltextify.pl is a shell interface to SQL::Textify, it will run one or more SQL queries and will return the result in various text formats (Markdown and HTML at the moment, both using a table layout or a record layout). This can be used at the command line or can be easily integrated with Sublime Text.


This is released under the Artistic License. See perlartistic.


Federico Thiella - GitHub projects https://github.com/fthiella/ or email mailto:fthiella@gmail.com


sqltextify.pl supports a number of command line options which control the behaviour of the output document.

The options are:

source, s

source SQL file

conn, c

DBI connection string

username, u

Specify the database username.

password, p

Specify the database password.

maxwidth, mw

Set a maximum width for the columns when in markdown format mode. If any column contains a string longer than maxwidth it will be cropped.

format, f

Output format (markdown default, html)

layout, l

Output layout (table default, record)