Katsubushi::Converter - id converter issued by katsubushi


    use Katsubushi::Converter

    my $epoch = Katsubushi::Converter::id_to_epoch($id);
    print "id=${id} issued at ${epoch} in unix epoch time"


This module provides methods to convert id issued by katsubushi.

katsubushi is id generator written in Go. github.com/kayac/go-katsubushi


$epoch = id_to_epoch($id)
$epoch_msec = id_to_epoch_msec($id)

Convert id to epoch in seconds/milliseconds.

$id = epoch_to_id($epoch)
$id = epoch_msec_to_id($epoch_msec)

Convert epoch seconds/milliseconds to id. This method assume that WorkerID and Sequense are both 0.


NAGATA Hiroaki <handlename>

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