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XHTML::MediaWiki - Translate Wiki markup into xhtml


        use XHTML::MediaWiki;
        my $mediawiki = XHTML::MediaWiki->new( link_path => "" );
        my $xhtm = $mediawiki->format($text);

DESCRIPTION and its sister projects use the PHP Mediawiki to format their pages. This module attempts to duplicate the Mediawiki formatting rules. Those formatting rules can be simple and easy to use, while providing more advanced options for the power user.


  • new( link_path => 'base path' )

    Create a new XHTML:;MediaWiki object. link_path is used as the base for hyperlinks.


  • format()

    The format method is the only method that needs to be called for the normal operation of this object. You call format() with the raw wikitext and it returns the xhtml representation of that wikitext.

  • reset_counters()

    Call this method to reset the footnote counter.

Overridable Methods

The following methods can be overridden to change the functionality of the object.

  • get_block()

    If you would like to override the Block objects you can override this method.

  • encode()

    You can override the encode function if you would like to change what is encoded. Currently only &, <, and > are encoded.

  • emphasized()

    emphasized controls the output of "<em>" tags.

  • link()

    The link method is often overridden to modify the display and operation of links.

    link takes 3 arguments the Link, any extra_text, and the type of the link;

    The type is true for footnotes.

  • find_links()

    The find_links method is also often overridden in order to change the way links are detected.

  • template_text()

    Override this method to control the text that is generated for an unknown template ({{word}}).

  • format_line()

    Override this method to extend or modify line level parsing.


This module is derived from Text::WikiFormat, written by chromatic.


"G. Allen Morris III" <>


Copyright (C) 2008-2010 G. Allen Morris III, all rights reserved.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.