MooseX::Role::Pluggable - add plugins to your Moose classes


    package MyMoose;
    use Moose;
    with 'MooseX::Role::Pluggable';

    my $moose = MyMoose->new({
      plugins => [ 'Antlers' , 'Tail' , '+After::Market::GroundEffectsPackage' ] ,
      # other args here

    foreach my $plugin ( @{ $moose->plugin_list } ) {
      if ( $plugin->can( 'some_method' )) {

    # call a method in a particular plugin directly
    # (plugin_hash() returns a hash ref of 'plugin_name => plugin')
    $moose->plugin_hash->{Antlers}->gore( $other_moose );

    # plugins are indexed by the name that was used in the original 'plugins' list

    # see the documentation for MooseX::Role::Pluggable::Plugin for info on
    # how to write plugins...


This is a role that allows your class to consume an arbitrary set of plugin modules and then access those plugins and use them to do stuff.

Plugins are loaded based on the list of plugin names in the 'plugins' attribute. Names that start with a '+' are used as the full name to load; names that don't start with a leading '+' are assumed to be in a 'Plugins' namespace under your class name. (E.g., if your app is 'MyApp', plugins will be loaded from 'MyApp::Plugin').

NOTE: Plugins are lazily loaded -- that is, no plugins will be loaded until either the 'plugin_list' or 'plugin_hash' methods are called. If you want to force plugins to load at object instantiation time, your best bet is to call one of those method right after you call 'new()'.

Plugin classes should consume the 'MooseX::Role::Pluggable::Plugin' role; see the documentation for that module for more information.



Returns a hashref with a mapping of 'plugin_name' to the actual plugin object.


Returns an arrayref of loaded plugin objects.


John SJ Anderson,


MooseX::Role::Pluggable::Plugin, MooseX::Object::Pluggable, Object::Pluggable


Copyright 2010, John SJ Anderson

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.