smbldap-migrate-unix-groups - Migrate unix groups to LDAP


smbldap-migrate-unix-groups [-G file] [-n] [-v] [-h] [-?] [-a]


This command processes one file as defined by option and creates new or changes existing ldap group entry. New attributes are added, and existing are changed. None of the existing attributes is deleted.

-G group_file Processes group_file and uptades LDAP. Creates new ldap group entry or just adds posixGroup objectclass and corresponding attributes to the ldap group entry or just uptades their values.

-h show the help message

-? the same as -h

-v displayes modified entries to STDOUT

-n do everything execpt updating LDAP. It is useful when used with -v switch.

-a adds sambaGroupMapping objectClass, generates sambaSID and adds sambaGroupType attribute