Backup::EZ is backup software that is designed to be as easy to use as possible, yet provide a robust backup solution. I haven't been able to find an open-source backup solution that worked how I wanted it to. There are no shortage of options, but the ones I found store the data in a format that isn't straight-forward. With this, if you can use ls and rsync/scp, you can do a restore. No muss, no fuss, just works.


        1. configure ssh keys for your remote username
                a. su - root
                b. ssh-keygen -t rsa (skip if already in place)
                c. ssh-copy-id USERNAME@YOURBACKUPHOST
                d. verify you can auto-login
                        ssh root@YOURBACKUPHOST
                e. exit
        2. identify (create if necessary) remote backup directory
                example: /backups
        3. run "ezbackup -installcfg"
        4. edit /etc/ezbackup/ezbackup.conf and modify the TODO's with the
                appropriate values

        5.  do a manual backup to get things started
                 run: "ezbackup"

        6.  Setup cron to run ezbackup on a schedule.  You can do this manually
                if you prefer or let ezbackup do it for you.  Run: 
                        "ezbackup -installcron daily" 
                                (or whatever freq you prefer in /etc/cron.*)    


        There are a plethora of ways to restore files.  You could use scp,
        rsync, cp via nfs, etc.  How to use these utilities is beyond the scope
        of this document.  Here is one example with scp.
        1.  login to remote backup server
        2.  cd YOURDESTDIR
        3.  ls 
        4.  cd <the subdir of your choice>      

        5.  pwd
        6.  open another terminal on the source host and login as the user that
                performs backups
        7.  scp \
                USERNAME@YOURBACKUPHOST:<DIR FROM STEP 5>/some/dir/you/want/to/restore \
                <YOUR LOCAL DIR>