Анатолий Гришаев


Storable::AMF - Perl extension for serialize/deserialize AMF0/AMF3 data


  use Storable::AMF0 qw(freeze thaw); # or use Storable::AMF3 qw(freeze thaw)l for AMF3 format

  $amf0 = freeze($perl_object);
  $perl_object = thaw($amf0);

  # Store/retrieve to disk amf0 data
  store $perl_object, 'file';
  $restored_perl_object = retrieve 'file';

  use Storable::AMF0 qw(nstore freeze thaw dclone);

  # Network order: Due to spec of AMF0 format objects (hash, arrayref) stored in network order.
  # and thus nstore and store are synonyms 

  nstore \%table, 'file';
  $hashref = retrieve('file'); 

  # Advisory locking
  use Storable::AMF0 qw(lock_store lock_nstore lock_retrieve)
  lock_store \%table, 'file';
  lock_nstore \%table, 'file';
  $hashref = lock_retrieve('file');


This module is (de)serializer for Adobe's AMF0/AMF3 (Action Message Format ver 0-3). This is only module and it recognize only AMF data. Almost all function implemented in C for speed. And some cases faster then Storable( for me always)


  None by default.


There are several modules for work with AMF data and packets written in perl, but them are lack a speed. This module writen in C for speed. Also this package allow freeze and thaw AMF3 data which is nobody do.

ERROR REPORTING In case of errors functions freeze and thaw returns undef and set $@ error description. (Error description at the moment is criptic, forgive me..)


freeze($obj) --- Serialize perl object($obj) to AMF, and return AMF data
thaw($amf0) --- Deserialize AMF data to perl object, and return the perl object
store $obj, $file --- Store serialized AMF0 data to file
nstore $obj, $file --- Same as store
retrieve $obj, $file --- Retrieve serialized AMF0 data from file
lock_store $obj, $file --- Same as store but with Advisory locking
lock_nstore $obj, $file --- Same as lock_store
lock_retrieve $file --- Same as retrieve but with advisory locking
dclone $file --- Deep cloning data structure
ref_destroy $obj --- Deep decloning data structure --- safely destroy cloned object or any object
ref_lost_memory $obj --- test if object contain lost memory fragments inside. (Example do { my $a = []; @$a=$a; $a})


  Storable::AMF is currently is at development stage. 


At current moment and with restriction of AMF0/AMF3 format referrences to scalar are not serialized, and can't/ may not serialize tied variables. And dualvars (See Scalar::Util) are serialized as string value. Freezing CODEREF, IO, Regexp, REF, GLOB, SCALAR referenses restricted.


Add some options to functions.

Document freezing and thawing XMLDocument, XML, Date May be add some IO and packet manipulated function (SEE AMF0/AMF3 at Adobe)


Data::AMF, Storable, Storable::AMF0, Storable::AMF3


Anatoliy Grishaev, <grian at cpan dot org>


Copyright (C) 2008 by A. G. Grishaev

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.8 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.