Embperl::Inline - Inline Embperl code in Perl modules


    package MyTest ;
    use Embperl::Inline ;
    [$ sub foo $]
    $a = 99 ;
    <p>a=[+ $a +]</p>


Embperl::Inline allow to inline Embperl code in Perl modules. The benfit is that you are able to install it like a normal Perl module and it's available site wide, without the need for any programm to know where it resides.

Also it allows to add markup sections to Perl objects and calling (and overriding it) like normal Perl methods.

The only thing that needs to be done for using it, is to use Embperl::Inline and to place your Embperl code after the __EMBPERL__ keyword.


G. Richter (

See Also

perl(1), Embperl