Data::HanConvert - The data for converting between traditional and simplified Chinese languages.


version 1.0


This distribution does not contain code but data to be used by other programs. They are split into 4 modules that needs to be seperately required.

   use Data::HanConvert::cn2tw;
   use Data::HanConvert::cn2tw_characters;
   use Data::HanConvert::tw2cn;
   use Data::HanConvert::tw2cn_characters;

Once required, these corresponding hashref are available:


The one named with "_characters" suffix contains only character-to-character mapping, while the other contains only phrase-to-phrase mapping. The mapping are split into different files because they are significantly larger and may not be required depending on the scenario of use.

Notice that this data set is for conversion purposes. The phrases dataset are not necessarily containing only valid dictionary phrases, but may contain random long-ngrams solely for disambiguation purposes. Users are encourged to review the data set before using this data for other purposes.


Audrey Tang <> -- the origial data collection work from Encode::HanConvert

Yo-An Lin <> -- The php builder

Kang-min Liu <>


This work is CC0.

To the extent possible under law, Kang-min Liu has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Data::HanConvert. This work is published from: Taiwan.