Ovid - collection of scripts and modules for recursively converting perl CPAN modules into RPM files.


 perl ovid [options] <cpan::module> 


Ovid recursively downloads and builds perl CPAN modules, and most dependent modules, as RPM files. Each RPM file lists all CPAN module dependencies so that rpm installation tools like apt-get, urpmi, yum, and others can automatically install all dependent packages as well.


Ovid recursively downloads and builds specified CPAN modules and all dependent modules as RPM files. Each RPM file contains dependency information that can be used by rpm tools to automatically install all the dependent rpm packages.

Ovid provides an automated solution to the problem of manually building dependent modules, an onerous task at best, or giving up and using the CPAN installer.


--packager | -p "Your Name <>"

RPM Packager. Defaults to unknown@localhost.

--verbose | -v

Increase verbosity. Multiple uses have a cumulative effect.

--tmpdir | -t <tmpdir>

Temporary directory to be used for builds. Defaults to $ENV{TMP} or /tmp.

--help | -h

You're reading it.

--skipbuild | --nobuild | -n

Just create the rpm spec file, do not build rpms.

--ignore | -i s

Ignore any modules named s. Can be used multiple times.

--skip-perl-rpm-modules | -r

Skip any modules that ship with the installed perl rpm.


Set ExtUtils::MakeMaker's INSTALLDIRS variable, used to determine where the perl files will be installed. Usually one of: perl, site, vendor. Defaults to vendor.


I would appreciate hearing of any problems with this program and am interested in feedback to help improve it.


Gyepi Sam, <>


Copyright 2004-2007 by Gyepi Sam

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.