Hakan Ardo


  Math::Expr::OpperationDB - A db of basic opperands properties


  require Math::Expr::OpperationDB;
  $db=new Math::Expr::OpperationDB($file);


  This is a database containing info about the different opperations 
  (eg +,  -, *, ...). Each opperation is represented by a regexp 
  mathing a type specifikation. That way Real*Real wont be the same 
  opperation as Matrix*Matrix even though the same operation character 
  is used.

  The data stored for each operation is the return type of the 
  operation and whatever this operation is kommutativ or assosiative.

  Currently the data is hardcoded into the code, but that is about to 


$db=new Math::Expr::OpperationDB;

  Creates a new db.


  Tries all the type regexps in the db on $t and if one matches that 
  post is returned.