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Contentment::Exception - Used to throw exceptions in Contentment


  use Contentment::Exception;

  # Throw a general exception...
      status  => 404,
      title   => 'Not Found',
      message => 'Couldn't find it.'
      details => 'Well, it's kind of a long story. First, I looked...',


Exceptions for Contentment based upon Exception::Class. In addition to the features of that class, it provides these additional fields:


This is the HTTP status that the exception should result in if it propogates all the way to the top-level request. The default is 500.


This is the title of the error. This defaults to the status code names found in RFC-2616. (These can be found at the W3C web site: A table of these is stored in the %Contentment::Exception::status_code_titles variable.


This should be any additional debugging information that should be associated with the message, but not shown to general users.


If the exception is set to use a 3xx status code (in particular, 301 Moved Permanently and 302 Found), this is the URI that the client should be resent to. If the exception reaches the top level.


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