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Repository::Simple::Property - Repository properties


See Repository::Simple::Node.


Each instance of this class represents a single property of a node.

To retrieve a property instance, do not construct the object directly. Rather, use the methods associated with a node to retrieve the properties associated with that node:

  my @properties = $node->properties;
  for my $property (@properties) {
      print $property->name, " = ", $property->value->get_scalar;

Each property has a parent (node), a name, a value, and a type. The name is non-empty string identifying the property. The value is a valid value according to the property type. The type is an instance of Repository::Simple::Type::Property. If a property value is set to undef, this is the same as deleting the property from the parent node.

$node = $self->parent

Get the node to which this property belongs.

$name = $self->name

Get the name of the property.

$path = $self->path

Get the full path to the property.

$value = $self->value

Retrieve the value stored in the property.

$type = $self->type

Retrieve the Repository::Simple::Type::Property used to validate and store values for this property.


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