Yukki::Model::Root - model for accessing the git repositories


version 0.991_004


    my $root = $app->model('Root');
    my $repository = $root->repository({ name => 'main' });


This model contains method for performing actions related to the creation, deletion, and management of a set of git repositories as well as manipulating the configuration file. This model behaves as a singleton per Yukki app.

This model will be used by various administrative features of scripts and the application. For the various methods that perform modifications to work, the tool performing the actions must have write access to the configuration and the directory containing the repositories.





    $repository = $root->repository($key);

This will construct and return a Yukki::Model::Repository object. It's basically a synonym for:

    $repository = $app->model('Repository', { name => $key });


    @repositories = $root->list_repositories;

This will return a list of all configured repositories.



Given the configuration for a repository, this will insert the configuration into the settings file. This will only insert a new configuration. It will not modify an existing one. For that you want "edit_repository".

This will create a new repository configuration file under "repo_path" in Yukki::Settings. If a configuration with the same name already exists there or if one is defined within the YUKKI_CONFIG file, this operation will fail.

The configuration to pass in is passed through to the constructor of Yukki::Settings::Repository. You will also need to pass key in, which is set to the key under which this repository will be saved.


    $root->detach_repository(key => $key);

Given the key for a repository, this will remove the configuration. This does not work for configurations in the master file.


    $repository = $root->init_repository(
        key    => $key,
        origin => $git_uri,
        init_from_settings => $init_from_settings_flag,

This will initialize a new repository on disk. If origin is given, the new repository will be cloned from there. If not, a new empty repository will be committed and then a single commit inserted containing an index stub.

Before calling this method, the "attach_repository" method must be called first to configure it.

The init_from_settings flag is set to a true value (default is false), then this will allow init of repositories found in Yukki::Settings. This is intended for use by command-line tools only. Initializing YUKKI_CONFIG defined repositories from the application is not advised.


Deletes the git repository associated with this configuration.


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <>


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Qubling Software LLC.

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