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Catalyst::Action::REST - Automated REST Method Dispatching


    sub foo :Local :ActionClass('REST') {
      ... do setup for HTTP method specific handlers ...

    sub foo_GET { 
      ... do something for GET requests ...

    sub foo_PUT { 
      ... do somethign for PUT requests ...


This Action handles doing automatic method dispatching for REST requests. It takes a normal Catalyst action, and changes the dispatch to append an underscore and method name.

For example, in the synopsis above, calling GET on "/foo" would result in the foo_GET method being dispatched.

If a method is requested that is not implemented, this action will return a status 405 (Method Not Found). It will populate the "Allow" header with the list of implemented request methods. You can override this behavior by implementing a custom 405 handler like so:

   sub foo_not_implemented {
      ... handle not implemented methods ...

If you do not provide an _OPTIONS subroutine, we will automatically respond with a 200 OK. The "Allow" header will be populated with the list of implemented request methods.

It is likely that you really want to look at Catalyst::Controller::REST, which brings this class together with automatic Serialization of requests and responses.

When you use this module, the request class will be changed to Catalyst::Request::REST.



This method overrides the default dispatch mechanism to the re-dispatching mechanism described above.


You likely want to look at Catalyst::Controller::REST, which implements a sensible set of defaults for a controller doing REST.

Catalyst::Action::Serialize, Catalyst::Action::Deserialize


Q: I'm getting a "415 Unsupported Media Type" error. What gives?!

A: Most likely, you haven't set Content-type equal to "application/json", or one of the accepted return formats. You can do this by setting it in your query string thusly: ?content-type=application%2Fjson (where %2F == / uri escaped).

**NOTE** Apache will refuse %2F unless configured otherise. Make sure AllowEncodedSlashes On is in your httpd.conf file in order for this to run smoothly.


J. Shirley <jshirley@gmail.com>


Christopher Laco

Luke Saunders

John Goulah

Daisuke Maki <daisuke@endeworks.jp>


Adam Jacob <adam@stalecoffee.org>, with lots of help from mst and jrockway

Marchex, Inc. paid me while I developed this module. (http://www.marchex.com)


You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl itself.

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