Acme::Lingua::Pirate::Perl - be writin' thy Perl like a swarthy sea-dog


  use Acme::Lingua::Pirate::Perl;

Then use the following bits o' argot to pepper up yer Perl:

  • be for eq, equal for ==

  • seize or steal or plunder for shift

  • thrust for push, hurl for pop

  • keelhaul or scuttle or sink or capsize for die - add " her" if you like

  • curse for warn

  • the booty or the treasure (or a treasure) for @_

  • the gold or the doubloons for $_

  • Davy Jones' Locker for $@, a whale (or the whale) for $! and a hornpipe or (the hornpipe) for $%

  • the rope's end for $/

  • sound off, yell or cry for print

  • vast for uc, puny for lc

  • squint at for study

  • cast off for return, sail off or weigh anchor for exit

  • bilge: for __DATA__ and poop deck: for __END__

You also have a wide range of traditional pirate vocabulary to scatter through your code and make it all the more piratical, although they won't cause anything to actually happen, except perhaps terrifying any landlubbers who happen to read your code.

  • arr (or arrr, arrrr...)

  • yar (or yarr, yarrr...)

  • avast

  • curse ye

  • curse thy deadlights

  • matey

  • scallywag(s)

  • shiver me timbers

  • splice the mainbrace

  • sprog(s)

  • swab(s)

  • ye scurvy dog(s)

  • yo ho (ho) (optionally hyphenated)

These are case-insensitive and can be followed by a non-word character (i.e., space or punctuation), allowing you to mix and match at will. Examples:

    Arrrrrr. Shiver me timbers matey.
    Yar! Curse thy deadlights, sprog!
    yo-ho-ho, scallywags

More handy piratical vocab can be found at:


Take heed! September 19th be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! An' if thy code ain't shipshape, ye'll be walkin' the plank!


Earle Martin <hex [at] cpan [dot] org>, but really Simon Wistow <simon [at] twoshortplanks [dot] com>, because this is a straight rip of his Acme::Lingua::Strine::Perl!


It's all's fault, of course.


This module is dedicated to Captain Jack Sparrow, the best pirate I have ever seen.


Filter::Simple, Acme::Scurvy::Whoreson::BilgeRat