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山科 氷魚 (YAMASHINA Hio)


ujconv -- iconv(1), reinvented in Unicode::Japanese


  ujconv [-f from_encoding] [-t to_encoding] [-s string] [files...]
  ujconv -l
  ujconv -h
  ujconv -V


ujconv is Unicode::Japanese (written in perl) version of iconv.

ujconv converts the character encoding of either STDIN or files specified in the argument and prints out to STDOUT.

Here is the list of options. Each option can be in short format (-f) or long (--from).

-f,--from from_encoding

Specifies the encoding you are converting from. Unlike iconv, this option can be omitted. In such cases, source encoding is automatically guessed.

-t,--to to_encoding

Specifies the encoding you are converting to.

-s,--string string

uses string instead of file for the source of text.


Lists all available encodings, one per line.


Show usage.


Unicode::Japanese, piconv(1), iconv(1)