Ilya Zakharevich


Net::Ping, pingecho - check a host for upness


    use Net::Ping;
    print "'jimmy' is alive and kicking\n" if pingecho('jimmy', 10) ;


This module contains routines to test for the reachability of remote hosts. Currently the only routine implemented is pingecho().

pingecho() uses a TCP echo (not an ICMP one) to determine if the remote host is reachable. This is usually adequate to tell that a remote host is available to rsh(1), ftp(1), or telnet(1) onto.



The remote host to check, specified either as a hostname or as an IP address.


The timeout in seconds. If not specified it will default to 5 seconds.


pingecho() uses alarm to implement the timeout, so don't set another alarm while you are using it.

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