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Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe8 - Saving Queries


The features this section describes have not yet been implemented. Please check back regularly at to hear news of when we release web-service user authentication.


  use Webservice::InterMine ('', $user, $pass);

  my $query = Webservice::InterMine->new_query;

  # define query here;

      name  => 'My First Saved Query',

  # Later, at another computer

  use Webservice::InterMine ('', $user, $pass);

  my $query = Webservice::InterMine->saved_query('My First Saved Query');

  my $results  = $template->results;


Any query that you describe in the API can be saved to your userprofile at the webservice you are using as a template or saved query (see Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Templates::Recipe2). As long as you have provided your login information to the service, you will be able to access your saved queries, upload new ones, and make changes to the ones you already have.

The procedure for saving a query is to call save on it:


If there are errors saving, an exception will be thrown, describing the problem. One potential problem is the name - queries do not need one but saved queries do - if you do not pass one to save the query will attempt to use its own name, and throw an exception if it does not have one.

Any changes you make to the query locally must be updated on the webservice by calling save on the query. Again, this will throw an exception if there are any issues saving the query.

Once saved, the query can be accessed through the webapp, and used like any other query.


Queriess can be uploaded to the web-service, if you have provided your login information. This means that these queries will be available anywhere that the webservice is.