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Webservice::InterMine::Query::Roles::Listable - Trait for queries that are Listable


  my $query = get_service->select("Gene.*");
  my $list = $service->new_list(content => $query);


This role provides an implementation of the required get_list_request_parameters method of the more general Listable role for queries. It also provides a mechanism for creating a valid list query from a multi-noded query by indicating the appropriate path.


Get the parameters to pass to the service for list requests.

make_list_query($path): Listable

Make a listable query from a multi-node query, by selecting the path whose values should be included in the new list.

The path need not be in the current select list.

This method deals with ensuring the result set does not change due to changes in the select list.

Returns a Listable Webservice::InterMine::Query.