Hypatia::Chart::Clicker::Bar - Bar Charts with Hypatia and Chart::Clicker


version 0.025



The required column types are x and y (ie the default given by Hypatia). Each of the values for this attribute may be either a string (indicating one column) or an array reference of strings (indicating several columns). In the latter case, the number of x and y columns must match and each respective x and y column will form its own bar chart. In the former case, the single x column will act as the same x column for all of the y columns.

If the columns attribute is not set, then column guessing is used as needed via the algorithm described in Hypatia::Chart::Clicker::Role::XY.


A boolean value indicating whether or not the graph should be a stacked bar graph (ie whether or not the y values should be treated cumulatively). This is disabled by default.


A numeric value indicating where the baseline should be on the y-axis. Bars with values below the baseline will be considered "negative", and will point downwards. Take a look at and for an example.

If this attribute isn't set (which is the default), then there is no baseline.


Jack Maney <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Jack Maney.

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