John A. Kunze


erc - command to lookup Electronic Resource Citation metadata tags


erc get tag ...


The erc utility is currently a simple interface to the query metadata tags from the ERC vocabulary. Its one sub-command, get, receives zero or more tag arguments, which are either numbers, element names, or regular expressions. Given one or more tags, it prints the corresponding ERC element name, a tab, and its semi-numeric code, one per line. With no arguments, get prints all known names in hash table order (which tends to look random).

A tag given as a non-negative integer, possibly preceded by a letter, will usually be looked up as a semi-numeric code. If the tag looks like a regular expression, it will be used to search among element names. Otherwise the tag will be looked up as an element name. The return status will be 1 if any requested code is not known.

This is beta-level software. To create and convert ERC records, see the anvl(1) command and the File::ANVL and File::OM Perl modules.


   $ erc get 505
   publisher    h505
   $ erc get h1 h2 h3 h4 hxyzzy h11 h12 h13 h14
   who     h1
   what    h2
   when    h3
   where           h4
   ???     hxyzzy
   about-who       h11
   about-what      h12
   about-when      h13
   about-where     h14
   $ erc get | sort                # less random order


-h, --help

Print extended help documentation.


Print full documentation.


Print the current version number and exit.


A Name Value Language (ANVL)

A Metadata Kernel for Electronic Permanence (pdf)


John Kunze jak at ucop dot edu


  Copyright 2009-2011 UC Regents.  Open source BSD license.