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CREDITS - The many mod_perl contributors


While Doug MacEachern is behind the majority of mod_perl's design, code and documentation, he and mod_perl never would have made it this far without the help from everyone in the mod_perl community. His heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you!

There are thousands of people who have contributed to what mod_perl is today. This file is here to recognize the tremendous efforts of the major contributors to the mod_perl effort.

This file is generated by a Perl script which sorts by name.


Andreas Koenig (andreas.koenig@franz.ww.tu-berlin.de)

For *lots* of bug spotting, fixing and patching since the early days. Andreas introduced the Apache::Registry that we all know and love. He put a great deal of time and effort into CGI.pm overhaul efforts (aka CGI::XA & CGI::Switch). Various contributions to the Apache/Perl API. PAUSE efforts beyond the call of "duty". Apache::Stage and Apache::Gzip chain modules on CPAN. Andreas was the first to run mod_perl on a production site, the Perl Authors Upload Server, aka PAUSE.

Ask Bjorn Hansen (ask@netcetera.dk)

Author of the Apache::DBILogger module and plenty of help testing cvs snapshots.

Brian Behlendorf (brian@apache.org)

Brian provides the bandwidth for perl.apache.org along with the mailing list and cvs repository.

Daniel (daniel-authenradius@electricrain.com)

Author of the Apache::AuthenRadius module.

David Landgren (david@landgren.net)

David maintains the mod_perl_traps.pod document.

Doug Bagley (doug@dejanews.com)

Doug Bagley has pinpointed some of the nastiest mod_perl bugs while claiming to know nothing about xs. He's also made improvements to the Apache::SIG module along with writing the valuable Apache::SizeLimit module.

Edmund Mergl (E.Mergl@bawue.de)

Edmund revolutionized database connectivity with his Apache::DBI module for persistent connections via DBI, providing a tremendous performance boost for database intensive apps. He's also written the popular Apache::AuthenDBI and Apache::AuthzDBI packages for authentication and authorizing against databases via DBI.

Eric Bartley (bartley@pdn.cc.purdue.edu)

Eric had a big hand in implementing and testing method handlers. He also contributed to some of the Apache/Perl API, along with making sense of some AIX mysteries for us. And, his Apache::AuthCookie module is an inspiration to us all.

Frank Cringle (fdc@cliwe.ping.de)

Frank is the author and maintainer of the mod_perl FAQ.

Gerald Richter (richter@ecos.de)

Gerald has helped us with various bug spotting and fixing over the years. His HTML::Embperl module, specially designed to run under mod_perl, has saved many lives.

Gisle Aas (aas@sn.no)

Gisle wrote an early "proof-of-concept" mod_perl.c and perl_glue.xs March 25, 1996 to be exact. While next to none of that code is present in the current mod_perl source, as the embedded model and XS <-> Apache API interface were changed, it was an important insipirational kick start to what mod_perl has become today.

Gisle has also contributed to mod_perl's Apache::Constants module, along with API enhancements and documentation.

Ian Kluft (ikluft@cisco.com)

Ian built the server side bridge between Java and Perl, Apache::Servlet.

Jan Pazdziora (adelton@fi.muni.cz)

Jan is the author of the Apache-OutputChain module.

Jason Bodnar (jason@cimedia.com)

Jason's mod_perl hacking has inspired a good chunk of the Apache/Perl API, some of which you'll see in his Apache::CustomDBILogger and Apache::AuthenCache modules.

Jeffrey Baker (jeff@godzilla.tamu.edu)

Maintainer of the mod_perl NT binary distribution and author of the Apache::Session module.

John D. Groenveld (jdg117@elvis.arl.psu.edu)

John contributed the Apache::DBILogin module along with proving Oracle tips and tricks over the years.

Joshua Chamas (chamas@alumni.stanford.org)

Author of the Apache::ASP module.

Ken Williams (ken@forum.swarthmore.edu)

Author of the Apache::SSI module.

Lincoln Stein (lstein@cshl.org)

Everybody knows Lincoln gave us the must-have CGI.pm module, he's put forth considerable effort porting and optimizing it for mod_perl. Lincoln is also working on the Apache::Request module, a CGI.pm-like module on top of the Apache API. Lincoln's code and prose in the upcoming mod_perl book is a major step towards world peace.

Malcolm Beattie (mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk)

Malcolm wrote the Apache::AuthenIMAP module and has helped with threading and Safe.pm issues.

Mark Imbriaco (perlhacker@earthlink.net)

For setting up the original mod_perl mail list and administration of that list for two years. Mark was also the first person besides Doug to write an Apache::* module, the first version of Apache::ePerl. He was also the first person to build and run mod_perl under Windows 95!

Matthew Darwin (matthew@davin.ottawa.on.ca)

Author of the Apache::RandomLocation module.

Maurice Aubrey (maurice@hevanet.com)

Author of the Apache::Traffic module.

Michael Parker (parker@austx.tandem.com)

Michael gave us Apache::AuthenSMB, a mod_perl NT Authentication module.

Michael Smith (mjs@iii.co.uk)

Michael contributed the Apache::ProxyPass module.

Mike Fletcher (fletch@phydeaux.org)

Fletch gave us Apache::Mmap.

Patrick Kane (modus@pr.es.to)

Patrick wrote the orignal mod_perl FAQ.

Peter Tillemans (pti@pandora.be)

Peter helped bring mod_perl upto win32 speed with various patches including support for 'make test'. He also maintains the Windows95 binary distribution of mod_perl.

Ralf S. Engelschall (rse@engelschall.com)

Ralf, aka "Dr. Cosmetics", has greatly improved the mod_perl configure/build/install process by implementing APACI, DSO and APXS support, along with various documentation enhancements. He has also written the Apache::ePerl module.

Rob Hartill (robh@imdb.com)

Rob was the second to run mod_perl in a production enviroment, and perhaps the best known mod_perl site, the Internet Movie DataBase. He's also provide various bug fixes, enhancements and mail list support since the early days of mod_perl. Always one step ahead testing mod_perl against Apache cvs snapshots. It was Rob's kicking that made the mod_perl CVS tree come to be.

Salvador Ortiz Garcia (sortiz@cfe.gob.mx)

Salvador has helped bang out bugs and traps with sfio enabled mod_perls, along with various bug spotting and stopping since the early days. He has also contributed to the Apache/Perl API.

Vivek Khera

Vivek has saved many lives with his mod_perl_tuning.pod document.

The Apache and Perl communities

If there was no Apache, there would be no mod_perl.

If there was no Perl, there would be no mod_perl.

We owe a great deal of thanks to The Apache Group, Larry Wall and the perl5-porters, along with the communities that support them both.


There are many other people who have contributed a great deal to mod_perl in one way or another, this list is derived from the Changes file, activity on the modperl@apache.org list including support, suggestions and new ideas, along with help through private mails or other means.

This list is most likely incomplete. My apologies if that is the case, please send me an email if you are left out and your contribution will be recognized!

If you do not feel you've made a contribution, remember your help is always welcome and appreciated. You should consider yourself a contributor to the mod_perl effort even if you are simply using mod_perl!

Alan Beale, Alexander Demenshin, Ben Laurie, Ben Reser, Ben Sugars, Bowen Dwelle, Brian Millett, Brian Mosley, Chip Salzenburg, Chris Dean, Christopher Thompson, Dan Peterson, David Hodson, Dean Gaudet, Elizabeth Mattijsen , Eric James Negaard, Evert-Jan Couperus, Gary Shea, Gurusamy Sarathy, James Cooper, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Jeff Hallgren, Jeff Rowe, Jens Heunemann, Jimmy Oh, Joel Wagner, John Detloff, Jon Drukman, Jon Orwant, Joonsuk Bae, Liam Howlett, Lupe Christoph, Marc Slemko, Mark Constable, Mark Mills, Mark-Jason Dominus , Michael Alan Dorman, Michael Turner, Mike Pheasant, Mike Stok, Milan Votava, Nathan Torkington, Neil Jensen, Owen Scott Medd, Paul Phillips, Paul Sutton, Peter Levart, Randal Schwartz, Robert Tau, Ron Hawkins, Stas Bekman, Steve Farrell, Steve Nielsen, Sven Verdoolaege, Ted Corning, Tim Bunce, Todd Eigenschink, Ulrich Pfeifer


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