Joel Berger


makebeamerinfo - Creates .info file for use with Impressive and LaTeX Beamer


  makebeamerinfo                        # No args starts the program in GUI mode
  makebeamerinfo -p document.pdf        # Explicitly specify location of .pdf file
  makebeamerinfo --help/-h              # Shows a usage message


Impressive is a pdf viewer that aids in viewing presentations made in LaTeX Beamer. Impressive uses a .info control file to specify the transitions used between pages. While this file isn't necessary, the Beamer-based presentation can be presented in a much more consistant style when the .info file is tuned to the individual presentation. makebeamerinfo is designed to create this file based on an auxiliary file (.nav) that Beamer creates in parallel with the presentation. It also does not require any configuration or tags in the presentation source.


  makebeamerinfo [arguments] [files]

  Run with no arguments or files starts the program in GUI mode

      Explicitly request GUI mode

      Request a specific transition set. Currenly it may be one of:
      - all             allow all of the transitions
      - default         impressive's default transitions (default)
      - most            large set of selections for beamer
      - none            no transitions are used
      - turn            pageturn and wiperight, the author's preference

      Note that these may also be specified with the (exported) environment
      variable $MAKEBEAMERINFO_TRANSITIONS, again set to one of the above
      selections. Note also that a command line switch wins if both are set.

      Explicitly specify location of .pdf file

      Explicitly specify location of .nav file

  Additional files may be specified without flags,
  their file type(s) will be inferred by file extension

      Shows a usage message and exit. Overrides all other options.




Joel Berger, <>


Copyright (C) 2012 by Joel Berger

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.