This class takes care of serving out static files for a Jifty application.

When fully operational, it will use an algorithm along the lines of the following:

* Static files are served out of a separate root * If static files go through apache: * How do we merge together the two static roots? * If static files go through Jifty::Handler * We need a flag to allow them to go through the dispatcher, too * return "True" (304) for if-modified-since unless develmode. * if the browser accepts gzipped data, see if we have a cached gzipped copy if so, send it see if we have a marker indicating that gzip is a lose if so, send uncompressed

        gzip the content
        send the gzipped content
     * if the browser doesn't accept gzipped content
        send the content uncompressed


Create a new static file handler. Likely, only the Jifty::Handler needs to do this.

handle_request $path

Handle a request for $path. If we can't find a static file of that name, return undef.


Returns true if it looks like the client accepts gzip encoding. Otherwise, returns false.

file_path $path

Returns the system path for $path, inside the application's static root or, failing that, Jifty's static root. Returns undef if it can't find the file in either path.

mime_type $path

Returns the mime type of the file whose path on disk is $path. Tries to use MIME::Types to guess first. If that fails, it falls back to File::MMagic.

send_file $path $mimetype $compression

Print $path to STDOUT (the client), identified with a mimetype of $mimetype.

If $compression is gzip, gzip the output stream.


Sends a "304 Not modified" response to the browser, telling it to use a cached copy.