Jifty::Action::Record::Update - Automagic update action


This class is used as the base class for Jifty::Actions that are merely updating Jifty::Record objects. To use it, subclass it and override the record_class method to return the name of the Jifty::Record subclass that this action should update.



Overrides the "arguments" in Jifty::Action::Record method to further specify that all of the primary keys must have values when submitted; that is, they are constructors.


We only need to validate arguments that got submitted -- thus, a mandatory argument that isn't submitted isn't invalid, as it's not going to change the record. This is opposed to the behavior inherited from Jifty::Action, where mandatory arguments must be present for the action to run.

However, constructor arguments are still required.


Overrides the virtual take_action method on Jifty::Action to call the appropriate Jifty::Record's set_ methods when the action is run, thus updating the object in the database.


Sets the "message" in Jifty::Result to default success message, "Updated". Override this if you want to report some other more user-friendly result.