Jifty::Record - Represents a Jifty object that lives in the database.


Jifty::Record is a kind of Jifty::Object that has a database representation; that is, it is also a Jifty::DBI::Record as well.



Takes an array of key-value pairs and inserts a new row into the database representing this object.

Override's Jifty::DBI::Record in these ways:

Remove id values unless they are truly numeric
Automatically load by id after create
actually stop creating the new record if a field fails to validate.


Returns the record id value. This routine short-circuits a much heavier call up through Jifty::DBI


Attempts to load a record with the named parameters passed in. If it can't do so, it creates a new record.

current_user_can RIGHT [, ATTRIBUTES]

Should return true if the current user ($self->current_user) is allowed to do RIGHT. Possible values for RIGHT are:


Called just before an object's create method is called, as well as before parameter validation. It is also passed the attributes that the object is trying to be created with, as the attributes aren't on the object yet to be inspected.


Called before any attribute is accessed on the object.


Called before any attribute is changed on the object.


Called before the object is deleted.

The default implementation returns true if the current user is a superuser or a boostrap user. If the user is looking to delegate the access control decision to another object (by creating a delegate_current_user_can subroutine), it hands off to that routine. Otherwise, it returns false.

check_create_rights ATTRIBUTES

Internal helper to call "current_user_can" with create.


Internal helper to call "current_user_can" with read.

Passed column as a named parameter for the column the user is checking rights on.


Internal helper to call "current_user_can" with update.


Internal helper to call "current_user_can" with delete.

_collection_value METHOD

A method ripped from the pages of Jifty::DBI::Record so we could change the invocation method of the collection generator to add a current_user argument.


Overrides Jifty::DBI::Record to check the delete ACL.


This is the SB function that is called when you fetch a value which REFERENCES a Record class. The only change from the SB code is the arguments to new.


Returns a unique key for this application for the Memcached cache. This should be global within a given Jifty application instance.