Jifty::Plugin::LetMe provides a simple way to enable URLs generated by "as_url" in Jifty::LetMe.

When a user follows a URL created by Jifty::LetMe::as_url, Jifty::Plugin::LetMe will check if the URL is valid, and, if so, set request arguments for each of $letme-args>, as well as setting the request argument let_me to the decoded LetMe itself. It will then show the Mason component '/let/' . $letme->path.

By default, we disable all application actions (AppName::Action::*) on LetMe URLs. To disable this behavior, pass the argument DisableActions: 0 to the plugin in your config.yml. It's probably a better idea, however, to only enable specific actions in your own dispatcher, e.g.:

    after plugin 'Jifty::Plugin::LetMe' =>
    before qr'^/let' => run {
        my $let_me = get 'let_me';
        Jifty->api->allow('ConfirmEmail') if $let_me->path eq 'confirm';

If a user tried to access a path under Jifty::LetMe-base_path> with an invalid LetMe, we redirect them to '/error/let_me/invalid_token'.