Mojolicious::Plugin::AssetPack::Manual::CustomDomain - How to serve assets from a different host


You might want to serve the assets from a domain different from where the main app is running. The reasons for that might be:

  • No cookies send on each request. This is especially useful when you use Mojolicious sessions as they are stored in cookies and clients send whole session with every request.

  • More requests done in parallel. Browsers have limits for sending parallel request to one domain. With separate domain static files can be loaded in parallel.

  • Serve files directly (by absolute url) from CDN (or Amazon S3).


To use the feature, just set a custom "base_url":

  plugin "AssetPack" => {
    base_url => ""

See also


Many recent browsers blocks mixed content, meaning if your HTML is served over HTTPS, then you can't serve the assets over HTTP. One way to fix this is by using "//" instead of a scheme specific URL. Example:

  base_url => "//"

This will tell the browser to use the same scheme for fetching assets, as it did fetching the web page.


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