App::Followme::EditSections - Edit the section tags on an html page


    use App::Followme::EditSection;
    my $edit = App::Followme::EditSection->new();


Followme distinguishes between sections of a web page which are the same across the website and sections that differ between each page by html comments starting with section and endsection. This module modifies the placement or number of these tags across a website. It can also used to modify an existing website so it can be maintained by followme. Before running followme with this module, edit a page and put the section and endsection comments in the proper locations. Then create a configuration file containing the name of this module. Then run followme and it will modify all the pages of the website to include the same comments. Any section and endsection tags that were previously in the file will be removed.


The following field in the configuration file are used:


Remove all html comments that are in a file, not just the section and endsection tags.


The package used to retrieve information from each file. The default value is 'App::Followme::WebData'.


Copyright (C) Bernie Simon.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Bernie Simon <>