App::Followme::UploadNone - Go through the motions of uploading files


    my $uploader = App::Followme::UploadNone->new(\%configuration);
    $uploader->open($user, $password);
    $uploader->add_file($local_filename, $remote_filename);


App::Followme::UploadSite splits off methods that do the actual uploading into a separate package, so it can support more than one method. This is the null method, that does no upload, which is invoked when the user only wants to update the checksums without doing any uploads. In addition, this package serves as a template for other packages, because it has all the necessary methods with the correct interfaces.


The following are the public methods of the interface. The return value indicates if the operation was successful.

$flag = $self->add_directory($dir);

Create a new directory

$flag = $self->add_file($locl_filename, $remote_filename);

Upload a new file. If it already exists, delete it.


Close the connection to the remote site.

$flag = $self->delete_directory($dir);

Delete a directory, including any files it might hold.

$flag = $self->delete_file($filename);

Delete a file on the remote site.

$self->open($user, $password);

Open the connection to the remote site


Set up computed fields in the new object


Copyright (C) Bernie Simon.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Bernie Simon <>