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RocksDB::WriteBatch - rocksdb::WriteBatch object


  use RocksDB;

  my $db = RocksDB->new('/path/to/db');
  $db->update(sub {
      my $batch = shift;
      $batch->put(key => 'value');

  my $batch = RocksDB::WriteBatch->new;
  $batch->put(key => 'value');


RocksDB::WriteBatch is a rocksdb::WriteBatch object.


RocksDB::WriteBatch->new() :RocksDB::WriteBatch

Create and return a new RocksDB::WriteBatch object.


$batch->put($key :Str, $value :Str) :Undef

Store the mapping $key -> $value in the database.

$batch->delete($key :Str) :Undef

If the database contains a mapping for $key, erase it. Else do nothing.

$batch->put_log_data($blob :Str) :Undef

Append a blob of arbitrary size to the records in this batch. The blob will be stored in the transaction log but not in any other file. In particular, it will not be persisted to the SST files. When iterating over this WriteBatch, WriteBatchHandler::log_data will be called with the contents of the blob as it is encountered. Blobs, puts, deletes, and merges will be encountered in the same order in thich they were inserted. The blob will NOT consume sequence number(s) and will NOT increase the count of the batch

Example application: add timestamps to the transaction log for use in replication.

See also RocksDB::WriteBatchHandler.

$batch->clear() :Undef

Clear all updates buffered in this batch.

$batch->count() :Int

Returns the number of updates in the batch.

$batch->data() :Str

Retrieve the serialized version of this batch.

$batch->iterate($handler :RocksDB::WriteBatchHandler) :Undef

Support for iterating over the contents of a batch.

See RocksDB::WriteBatchHandler.


RocksDB, RocksDB::WriteBatchHandler


Jiro Nishiguchi <jiro@cpan.org>