James E Keenan
and 1 contributors


module-install-130467.pl - Prepare corrections for CPAN distributions using Module::Install


    perl module-install-130467.pl \
        --workdir=/home/username/130467-no-dot \
        --start_dir=/home/username/minicpan/authors/id/A \

Command-Line Switches

  • workdir

    Absolute path to a directory of user's choice; defaults to cwd().

  • start_dir

    Absolute path to a directory within the user's minicpan and underneath authors/id/ therein. If not provided, this program will traverse all of user's minicpan.

    For best results, prepare the minicpan with the following line in ~/.minicpanrc:

        class:          CPAN::Mini::LatestDistVersion
  • results

    Basename of file to be placed in workdir containing a Perl hash which holds data about the CPAN distributions identified by this program. Defaults to distros_inc_mi.pl.

  • verbose

    Defaults to off, but use is recommended.


  • CPAN::DistnameInfo

  • CPAN::Mini::Visit::Simple 0.012

  • Data::Dump

  • Text::Diff

  • Parse::CPAN::Meta