CloudWatchLogsLogGroupArn => Str

Specifies the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the log group to which CloudTrail logs will be delivered.

CloudWatchLogsRoleArn => Str

Specifies the role for the CloudWatch Logs endpoint to assume to write to a user’s log group.

IncludeGlobalServiceEvents => Bool

Specifies whether the trail is publishing events from global services such as IAM to the log files.

Name => Str

Specifies the name of the trail.

S3BucketName => Str

Specifies the name of the Amazon S3 bucket designated for publishing log files.

S3KeyPrefix => Str

Specifies the Amazon S3 key prefix that precedes the name of the bucket you have designated for log file delivery.

SnsTopicName => Str

Specifies the name of the Amazon SNS topic defined for notification of log file delivery.