BulkPublishCompleteTime => Str

If BulkPublishStatus is SUCCEEDED, the time the last bulk publish operation completed.

BulkPublishStartTime => Str

The date/time at which the last bulk publish was initiated.

BulkPublishStatus => Str

Status of the last bulk publish operation, valid values are:

NOT_STARTED - No bulk publish has been requested for this identity pool

IN_PROGRESS - Data is being published to the configured stream

SUCCEEDED - All data for the identity pool has been published to the configured stream

FAILED - Some portion of the data has failed to publish, check FailureMessage for the cause.

FailureMessage => Str

If BulkPublishStatus is FAILED this field will contain the error message that caused the bulk publish to fail.

IdentityPoolId => Str

A name-spaced GUID (for example, us-east-1:23EC4050-6AEA-7089-A2DD-08002EXAMPLE) created by Amazon Cognito. GUID generation is unique within a region.