Description => Str

The description for the snapshot.

Encrypted => Bool

Indicates whether the snapshot is encrypted.

KmsKeyId => Str

The full ARN of the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Customer Master Key (CMK) that was used to protect the volume encryption key for the parent volume.

OwnerAlias => Str

The AWS account alias (for example, amazon, self) or AWS account ID that owns the snapshot.

OwnerId => Str

The AWS account ID of the EBS snapshot owner.

Progress => Str

The progress of the snapshot, as a percentage.

SnapshotId => Str

The ID of the snapshot.

StartTime => Str

The time stamp when the snapshot was initiated.

State => Str

The snapshot state.

Tags => ArrayRef[Paws::EC2::Tag]

Any tags assigned to the snapshot.

VolumeId => Str

The ID of the volume.

VolumeSize => Int

The size of the volume, in GiB.