Paws::MTurk::UpdateQualificationType - Arguments for method UpdateQualificationType on Paws::MTurk


This class represents the parameters used for calling the method UpdateQualificationType on the Amazon Mechanical Turk service. Use the attributes of this class as arguments to method UpdateQualificationType.

You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the call to UpdateQualificationType.


    my $mturk-requester = Paws->service('MTurk');
    my $UpdateQualificationTypeResponse =
      $mturk -requester->UpdateQualificationType(
      QualificationTypeId     => 'MyEntityId',
      AnswerKey               => 'MyString',     # OPTIONAL
      AutoGranted             => 1,              # OPTIONAL
      AutoGrantedValue        => 1,              # OPTIONAL
      Description             => 'MyString',     # OPTIONAL
      QualificationTypeStatus => 'Active',       # OPTIONAL
      RetryDelayInSeconds     => 1,              # OPTIONAL
      Test                    => 'MyString',     # OPTIONAL
      TestDurationInSeconds   => 1,              # OPTIONAL

    # Results:
    my $QualificationType = $UpdateQualificationTypeResponse->QualificationType;

    # Returns a L<Paws::MTurk::UpdateQualificationTypeResponse> object.

Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float, etc) can passed as-is (scalar values). Values for complex Types (objects) can be passed as a HashRef. The keys and values of the hashref will be used to instance the underlying object. For the AWS API documentation, see


AnswerKey => Str

The answers to the Qualification test specified in the Test parameter, in the form of an AnswerKey data structure.

AutoGranted => Bool

Specifies whether requests for the Qualification type are granted immediately, without prompting the Worker with a Qualification test.

Constraints: If the Test parameter is specified, this parameter cannot be true.

AutoGrantedValue => Int

The Qualification value to use for automatically granted Qualifications. This parameter is used only if the AutoGranted parameter is true.

Description => Str

The new description of the Qualification type.

REQUIRED QualificationTypeId => Str

The ID of the Qualification type to update.

QualificationTypeStatus => Str

The new status of the Qualification type - Active | Inactive

Valid values are: "Active", "Inactive"

RetryDelayInSeconds => Int

The amount of time, in seconds, that Workers must wait after requesting a Qualification of the specified Qualification type before they can retry the Qualification request. It is not possible to disable retries for a Qualification type after it has been created with retries enabled. If you want to disable retries, you must dispose of the existing retry-enabled Qualification type using DisposeQualificationType and then create a new Qualification type with retries disabled using CreateQualificationType.

Test => Str

The questions for the Qualification test a Worker must answer correctly to obtain a Qualification of this type. If this parameter is specified, TestDurationInSeconds must also be specified.

Constraints: Must not be longer than 65535 bytes. Must be a QuestionForm data structure. This parameter cannot be specified if AutoGranted is true.

Constraints: None. If not specified, the Worker may request the Qualification without answering any questions.

TestDurationInSeconds => Int

The number of seconds the Worker has to complete the Qualification test, starting from the time the Worker requests the Qualification.


This class forms part of Paws, documenting arguments for method UpdateQualificationType in Paws::MTurk


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