AttachmentsContent => ArrayRef[Paws::SSM::AttachmentContent]

A description of the document attachments, including names, locations, sizes, etc.

Content => Str

The contents of the Systems Manager document.

DocumentFormat => Str

The document format, either JSON or YAML.

Valid values are: "YAML", "JSON" =head2 DocumentType => Str

The document type.

Valid values are: "Command", "Policy", "Automation", "Session", "Package" =head2 DocumentVersion => Str

The document version.

Name => Str

The name of the Systems Manager document.

Status => Str

The status of the Systems Manager document, such as Creating, Active, Updating, Failed, and Deleting.

Valid values are: "Creating", "Active", "Updating", "Deleting", "Failed" =head2 StatusInformation => Str

A message returned by AWS Systems Manager that explains the Status value. For example, a Failed status might be explained by the StatusInformation message, "The specified S3 bucket does not exist. Verify that the URL of the S3 bucket is correct."

VersionName => Str

The version of the artifact associated with the document. For example, "Release 12, Update 6". This value is unique across all versions of a document, and cannot be changed.

_request_id => Str