CompletedAt => Str

Date and time that the signing job was completed.

CreatedAt => Str

Date and time that the signing job was created.

JobId => Str

The ID of the signing job on output.

Overrides => Paws::Signer::SigningPlatformOverrides

A list of any overrides that were applied to the signing operation.

PlatformId => Str

The microcontroller platform to which your signed code image will be distributed.

ProfileName => Str

The name of the profile that initiated the signing operation.

RequestedBy => Str

The IAM principal that requested the signing job.

SignedObject => Paws::Signer::SignedObject

Name of the S3 bucket where the signed code image is saved by AWS Signer.

SigningMaterial => Paws::Signer::SigningMaterial

Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of your code signing certificate.

SigningParameters => Paws::Signer::SigningParameters

Map of user-assigned key-value pairs used during signing. These values contain any information that you specified for use in your signing job.

Source => Paws::Signer::Source

The object that contains the name of your S3 bucket or your raw code.

Status => Str

Status of the signing job.

Valid values are: "InProgress", "Failed", "Succeeded" =head2 StatusReason => Str

String value that contains the status reason.

_request_id => Str