This class represents one of two things:

Arguments in a call to a service

Use the attributes of this class as arguments to methods. You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the calls that expect this type of object.

As an example, if Att1 is expected to be a Paws::CloudFront::DistributionSummary object:

  $service_obj->Method(Att1 => { Aliases => $value, ..., WebACLId => $value  });

Results returned from an API call

Use accessors for each attribute. If Att1 is expected to be an Paws::CloudFront::DistributionSummary object:

  $result = $service_obj->Method(...);


A summary of the information about a CloudFront distribution.


REQUIRED Aliases => Paws::CloudFront::Aliases

  A complex type that contains information about CNAMEs (alternate domain
names), if any, for this distribution.

AliasICPRecordals => ArrayRef[Paws::CloudFront::AliasICPRecordal]

  AWS services in China customers must file for an Internet Content
Provider (ICP) recordal if they want to serve content publicly on an
alternate domain name, also known as a CNAME, that they've added to
CloudFront. AliasICPRecordal provides the ICP recordal status for
CNAMEs associated with distributions.

For more information about ICP recordals, see Signup, Accounts, and Credentials ( in Getting Started with AWS services in China.


  The ARN (Amazon Resource Name) for the distribution. For example:
C<arn:aws:cloudfront::123456789012:distribution/EDFDVBD632BHDS5>, where
C<123456789012> is your AWS account ID.

REQUIRED CacheBehaviors => Paws::CloudFront::CacheBehaviors

  A complex type that contains zero or more C<CacheBehavior> elements.

REQUIRED Comment => Str

  The comment originally specified when this distribution was created.

REQUIRED CustomErrorResponses => Paws::CloudFront::CustomErrorResponses

  A complex type that contains zero or more C<CustomErrorResponses>

REQUIRED DefaultCacheBehavior => Paws::CloudFront::DefaultCacheBehavior

  A complex type that describes the default cache behavior if you don't
specify a C<CacheBehavior> element or if files don't match any of the
values of C<PathPattern> in C<CacheBehavior> elements. You must create
exactly one default cache behavior.

REQUIRED DomainName => Str

  The domain name that corresponds to the distribution, for example,

REQUIRED Enabled => Bool

  Whether the distribution is enabled to accept user requests for

REQUIRED HttpVersion => Str

  Specify the maximum HTTP version that you want viewers to use to
communicate with CloudFront. The default value for new web
distributions is C<http2>. Viewers that don't support C<HTTP/2> will
automatically use an earlier version.


  The identifier for the distribution. For example: C<EDFDVBD632BHDS5>.

REQUIRED IsIPV6Enabled => Bool

  Whether CloudFront responds to IPv6 DNS requests with an IPv6 address
for your distribution.

REQUIRED LastModifiedTime => Str

  The date and time the distribution was last modified.

OriginGroups => Paws::CloudFront::OriginGroups

  A complex type that contains information about origin groups for this

REQUIRED Origins => Paws::CloudFront::Origins

  A complex type that contains information about origins for this

REQUIRED PriceClass => Str

  A complex type that contains information about price class for this
streaming distribution.

REQUIRED Restrictions => Paws::CloudFront::Restrictions

  A complex type that identifies ways in which you want to restrict
distribution of your content.

REQUIRED Status => Str

  The current status of the distribution. When the status is C<Deployed>,
the distribution's information is propagated to all CloudFront edge

REQUIRED ViewerCertificate => Paws::CloudFront::ViewerCertificate

  A complex type that specifies whether you want viewers to use HTTP or
HTTPS to request your objects, whether you're using an alternate domain
name with HTTPS, and if so, if you're using AWS Certificate Manager
(ACM) or a third-party certificate authority.


  The Web ACL Id (if any) associated with the distribution.


This class forms part of Paws, describing an object used in Paws::CloudFront


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