This class represents one of two things:

Arguments in a call to a service

Use the attributes of this class as arguments to methods. You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the calls that expect this type of object.

As an example, if Att1 is expected to be a Paws::FSX::WindowsFileSystemConfiguration object:

  $service_obj->Method(Att1 => { ActiveDirectoryId => $value, ..., WeeklyMaintenanceStartTime => $value  });

Results returned from an API call

Use accessors for each attribute. If Att1 is expected to be an Paws::FSX::WindowsFileSystemConfiguration object:

  $result = $service_obj->Method(...);


The configuration for this Microsoft Windows file system.


ActiveDirectoryId => Str

  The ID for an existing Microsoft Active Directory instance that the
file system should join when it's created.

AutomaticBackupRetentionDays => Int

  The number of days to retain automatic backups. Setting this to 0
disables automatic backups. You can retain automatic backups for a
maximum of 35 days.

CopyTagsToBackups => Bool

  A boolean flag indicating whether tags on the file system should be
copied to backups. This value defaults to false. If it's set to true,
all tags on the file system are copied to all automatic backups and any
user-initiated backups where the user doesn't specify any tags. If this
value is true, and you specify one or more tags, only the specified
tags are copied to backups.

DailyAutomaticBackupStartTime => Str

  The preferred time to take daily automatic backups, in the UTC time

MaintenanceOperationsInProgress => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

  The list of maintenance operations in progress for this file system.

SelfManagedActiveDirectoryConfiguration => Paws::FSX::SelfManagedActiveDirectoryAttributes

ThroughputCapacity => Int

  The throughput of an Amazon FSx file system, measured in megabytes per

WeeklyMaintenanceStartTime => Str

  The preferred time to perform weekly maintenance, in the UTC time zone.


This class forms part of Paws, describing an object used in Paws::FSX


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