ChannelClass => Str

The class for this channel. STANDARD for a channel with two pipelines or SINGLE_PIPELINE for a channel with one pipeline.

Valid values are: "STANDARD", "SINGLE_PIPELINE" =head2 Destinations => ArrayRef[Paws::MediaLive::OutputDestination]

EncoderSettings => Paws::MediaLive::EncoderSettings

InputAttachments => ArrayRef[Paws::MediaLive::InputAttachment]

List of input attachments for channel.

InputSpecification => Paws::MediaLive::InputSpecification

Specification of input for this channel (max. bitrate, resolution, codec, etc.)

LogLevel => Str

The log level to write to CloudWatch Logs.

Valid values are: "ERROR", "WARNING", "INFO", "DEBUG", "DISABLED" =head2 Name => Str

Name of channel.

RequestId => Str

Unique request ID to be specified. This is needed to prevent retries from creating multiple resources.

Reserved => Str

Deprecated field that's only usable by whitelisted customers.

RoleArn => Str

An optional Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the role to assume when running the Channel.

Tags => Paws::MediaLive::Tags

A collection of key-value pairs.

_request_id => Str