CreationTimestamp => Str

Date and time the stream processor was created

Input => Paws::Rekognition::StreamProcessorInput

Kinesis video stream that provides the source streaming video.

LastUpdateTimestamp => Str

The time, in Unix format, the stream processor was last updated. For example, when the stream processor moves from a running state to a failed state, or when the user starts or stops the stream processor.

Name => Str

Name of the stream processor.

Output => Paws::Rekognition::StreamProcessorOutput

Kinesis data stream to which Amazon Rekognition Video puts the analysis results.

RoleArn => Str

ARN of the IAM role that allows access to the stream processor.

Settings => Paws::Rekognition::StreamProcessorSettings

Face recognition input parameters that are being used by the stream processor. Includes the collection to use for face recognition and the face attributes to detect.

Status => Str

Current status of the stream processor.

Valid values are: "STOPPED", "STARTING", "RUNNING", "FAILED", "STOPPING" =head2 StatusMessage => Str

Detailed status message about the stream processor.

StreamProcessorArn => Str

ARN of the stream processor.

_request_id => Str